Helping Shape a Unified Vision for JAX

What We Want To Be. How We Want The World To See Us.

The Opportunity

truJax is a collective, community process inspired by the comprehensive JAX2025 report, working to define our authentic DNA and create a Vision for living into it, ultimately resulting in a clearer understanding of Jacksonville.

Some cities build central parks.
Our central park built us.

The Process

There must be unity in our presentation of Jacksonville to the world.

Unstoppable. It just comes naturally to us.

The DNA & Vision

DNA Statement:

Inspired by our waterways.

Our DNA statement reminds us of our connection to the river, ocean, Intracoastal and preserves that surround us. Not only do they inspire and nourish us personally, they literally inspire and guide strategic decisions the community will make.

Based on this DNA, every decision we make as a community must answer the question, "How does this positively serve, accentuate or involve our primary community asset, the waterscape?" The answer will inform better long-term decision making and shaping of our global identity.

Our Vision:

Jacksonville is the water life center of America.

Our vision statement sets an aspiration for the community experience we want to achieve for our citizens and the promise we want to offer to prospective employers, workers and visitors - that this is the home of water-inspired vitality.

A truly water-driven community must create access, assets, elements of place, branding and marketing programs, policies and mindsets comprehensively.

Our action plan is built on 9 Strategic Pillars:

  1. Improving the Water Experience for Citizens
  2. Building & Expanding Connections to Health, Wellness & Adventure
  3. Strengthening Sense of Place Through Water-Focused Design, Policy & Guidelines
  4. Driving Investment, Industry & Jobs
  5. Attracting Visitors & Conventions
  6. Increasing Thought Leadership & Hub Status
  7. Advancing & Protecting Our Water-Based Ecosystems, Developing a Water Ethic
  8. Building Signature Recreational & Sporting Events and/or Festivals
  9. Creating Regional Linkages That Broaden Our Water-Based Identity and Expand our Experiences.
The Values That Guide Us.


Water Driven

We are committed to ideas, actions and decision-making that put our central asset first.

Inclusive & Far Reaching

Our goal is to build a halo and extend our ideas to as many waterfront areas as we can and improve the experience for all.

Wellbeing In A Wider Context

Water life affects not only the mind, body and spirit, but also productivity, creativity, fun, recreation and adventure.


This will not be a proverbial 'plan on a shelf' - we will get things accomplished.

Long-Term View

We will work with urgency, but acknowledge that a bold vision takes time and patience to fulfill.


Our vision is to create something that does not exist with big ideas and inventiveness.

What's Next

The Water Life strategy will take years of disciplined work and collaboration to implement. While the founding visioning body called truJAX will continue to be a primary stakeholder and supporter, an implementation body needs to be formed to ensure unified, accountable execution of the 9-Point Plan.

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